Project Pink Light

Core Values

The Freed Group is deeply committed to helping others.  Our desire to be of service goes far beyond consulting services.  We strive to make every aspect of our business a reflection of our company's core values.  

Compassion, giving and performing good deeds are the intrinsic motivators for our daily effort. We believe that we are creating a better work environment and a better community through acts of kindness.

Sarah's Special Project

Sarah is our favorite example of our core values in action.  At five years old, she learned about cancer and impact it has on the lives of millions of people.  After weeks of deliberation, she resolved to donate her hair to children with cancer.  

Highly insightful and creative, Sarah requested to dye her hair pink to help bring attention to the cause.  Her school and community were very supportive of her selfless gesture and adorable plan. The director of her daycare created handmade shirts stating, 'Cancer Stinks so I dyed my hair PINK' and 'I cut my hair for kids with cancer' to effectively communicate her concept.

Sharing the Light

The very first day of Kindergarten, Sarah generated quite a buzz of excitement as the girl with pink hair.  Her family, school and community shared her story far and wide, appealing to others to follow her example.   

Though still a young child, at the very start of her academic life, she has shone her bright, pink light to all.  The Freed Group is proud to support Sarah's effort and help carry the message of helping those in need.